Nourishing Facial Cream- Wild Frankincense & Orange Blossom 35g


Product Description

Your skin will be deeply nourished and nurtured with this intensive facial cream. Rejuvenating wild frankincense with the precious extract of orange blossom combine with nurturing jojoba and sweet orange oil to make this an absolute must-have for stressed and dehydrated skin.
Jo Fairley renowned beauty journalist says the following in her cult following Beauty Bible website “Now my skin has been calmed, settled and pampered by this light-but-very-moisturising cream. (When I apply it, I can almost hear my skin go ‘aaaaaah’…)”


How to use this product:


Apply sparingly to face and neck and massage in. Excellent for dry and mature skin. Can be used morning and night.


Winner: Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010









Product Ingredients :

(o) denotes organically grown ingredient

(wc) denotes wild crafted

(*) denotes naturally derived from essential oils

Aqua water, Helianthus annuus sunflower oil, Cetyl alcohol emulsifier, Cetearyl alcohol emulsifier, Glyceryl stearate moisturiser, Sodium steroyl lactylate emulsifier, Cocos nocifera coconut oil, Prunus dulcis almond oil, Simmondsia sinensis jojoba oil, Theobraoma cacao cocoa butter, Simmondsia sinensis jojoba oil (o), Citrus aurantium var amara neroli water, Citrus sinensis orange (o), Baswellia carterii frankiscense (wc), Dehydroacetic acid preservative, Benzyl alcohol preservative, Phenoxyethanol preservative, Citrus aurantium var amara neroli (o), Tocopherol vit E, Limonene (*), Linalool (*), Geraniol (*)

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