Circaroma Travel Pack + Take Our Products With You On The Go


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A delicious selection of two of our favourite body washes, and our everyday shampoo and conditioner.  Finally some cute mini tins of nourishing balms all contained in a reusable cloth zip bag.  You can also order these travel items singly if you want to try before you buy!



Ultra Gentle Hair Wash: Lavender Flower + Rosemary 50ml Gentle Smoothing Hair Conditioner: Green Mint + Lemongrass 50ml Awakening Body Wash: Ginger + Pink Grapefruit 50ml Reviving Body Wash: Green Mint + Lemongrass 50ml Softening Hand + Foot Balm: Wild Frankincense + Geranium Flower 8g Calming Sleep Balm: Sweet Lavender + Marjoram 8g


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